Natural stones are considered to be the most luxurious option when it comes to decoration home, office and hotels. Out of all the natural stone Marble is one of the top quality natural stone. Marble is one of the oldest and beautiful stone. It is the most famous natural stone that has been used extensively by Architects, sculptures and designers throughout the history of human civilization. Marble is a metamorphic rock which is developed from limestone. Marble can be used for both indoor and outdoor space.


There is no doubt that Marble is one of the most iconic stone in the world. The main reason is its durability. It has been seen everywhere from iconic building to the kitchen in our homes and Marble is always a great choice to for .Marble is a precious stone which gives a luxurious touch in our home office and so on. Marble is first used in greek and Romans time making it a symbol of wealth and Royalty still which is noted. One of the most important thing about the Marble is its Variety and You can find over 500 more variety in Bhandari Marble World.


For centuries, Marble flooring is preferred option in Indian homes because of its beauty, Style and elegance. This natural stone is suitable for almost every room in the house. It is a long lasting stone compared to other stone. It is Durable and long lasting. Due to its highly polished surface it is easy to maintain.
Popular flooring design include wood, Carpet, Tile, Vinyl and engineered flooring materials.


At Bhandari Marble world you can get best quality Flooring designs work product at reasonable price. We also do the customization as per the customer requirement. Bhandari Marble world will provide you the stunning multicolor mixes variety Marble flooring designs at best price.


Rangoli is one of the most popular and traditional art in India. Marble Rangoli is fitted in Marble flooring with white red and black color. It gives a marvelous look at your floor and which look like such a natural color of Rangoli. We Bhandari Marble world are the leading manufacturer of Marble Rangoli Designs. We gives you an eye catchy marble Rangoli design at best price. We also do the customization as per the customer requirement.
We provide marble stone Rangoli, Marble flower Rangoli, marble Markana Rangoli. We also provide customized color and designs as per customer need.


Marble Table tops are available in wide range of variety in size and shapes. Marble table tops have been used by the kings, Queens, emperor’s .but now you can find it everywhere like in Café Restaurant and in Bars and here we have listed some good reason for this.
1. Marble is one of the precious natural stone in this planet.
2. It looks expensive but its affordable comparison to other stone.
3. Easy to clean. It is a long lasting product.
4. Stylish Material and always in high demand.
5. Both Indian and Italian Marble can be used for Table top.
6. Marble has so many variety in color.
7. Marble can be used for both residential and commercial.


Most Marble table top are in the hospital area is mainly white. Most of these are Carrara Marble, Arbescato and Calacatta and these three Marble comes from Italy.

Carrara Marble Table top:
It is a high quality marble type with white and grey veining.


Arabescato Marble Table top:
It is a white Marble same as Carrara Marble.


Calacutta Marble Table Top:
It is the most expensive stone. This marble is comes with natural shiny white color with deep grey or golden pattern on it.

For more details about white Marble you can share your contact details that our team (BHANDARI MARBLE WORLD) will explain you in a better manner.

How to fixed a table top to bases:

It cannot be directly fixed to table bases, which are normally connected together with screws. You need a fixing plate which has to be glued to the underside of the top. If the tables are outside use ten fixing plate must be of a waterproof Material.


At Bhandari Marble world you can find attractive Tiles Pattern, Floors Pattern Marble Border designs. You can use this kind o Marble border designs anywhere, but using this kind of Marble border designs you can get an awesome look of your dream home. Bhandari Marble world will provide you exclusive variety of marble border Designs with huge color and designs. Our customized Marble floor borders and accents offer you a luxurious way to upgrade your flooring and add decoration for your sweet home. From Bhandari Marble World you can choose simple design in light, elegant surface with simple lines which gives an innovative look.