Marble & Granite

Both Marble and Granite are natural stones and widely used in various projects. Both materials are aesthetically pleasing.

Both marble and granites are used for construction purposes and mainly for interior construction. Marble and granite give an attractive and natural look, it looks more attractive than others.

LOCATION: There are rich marble deposits in the states of Rajasthan, which accounts for the huge production of marble in India; the other marble-producing states of India include Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

India has varieties of granite in over 250 shades. As of 2005, Granite reserves in India was37,426 million cubic metres and ranked fifth in export of the processed product. Resources are found in Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.

AESTHETICS: Marble and granite are both natural materials. For the unskilled eye, both will look exactly the same. However, they have clear physical features that you can use to tell them apart.

For example, granite showcases a veiny look that appears as a mark on the surface and differs in color where slabs contain a variety of colors. Meanwhile, this veiny pattern appears larger on marble with veins that run through the slab with fairly consistent colors.

DURABILITY AND MAINTENANCE Since both stones are natural materials, durability is high in both cases. Of course, this is only true if they are properly maintained.

As discussed earlier, marble is more porous. Hence, it is more permitting to spills and stains. Granite is less porous than marble. But binder can also be applied to further improve its ability to resist stains.

COST: Marble is expensive as compared to granite. Granite starts at an average of 60 Rs whereas marble starts at 80 Rs at an average. The actual price however depends on the complexity of the job, the number of joints and corners, and the style of sink you select.

USED: Both marble and granite make beautiful countertops, backsplashes, wall coverings, floor coverings, and more. They are both unique stones and can represent a very significant investment.

Budget-Friendly Marble

Here we have listed some budget-friendly marble options, all under 100 rs/square feet.

Dark Green Marble

Dark Green Marble is a top-quality marble that is mined & manufactured in India. This stone comes in a dark green color so it is also known also called NH green marble. It is widely used in countertops, vanity tops, tabletop, wall cladding, and many other ways.

Golden Marble

Golden Marble is the best option for countertops and flooring. This marble product is highly used due to its attractive color. It is a beautiful marble product that comes with a gold shining. It is used to make the standard and exclusive design as per international standards.

Rainforest Brown

Rainforest Brown Marble is a beautiful serpentine marble from India. … This marble is also known as Bidasar Brown marble. Suitable for Wall Cladding, Bathroom tiles and flooring. You can use it in flooring as well as for Bathroom and kitchen countertops.


Rainforest Green

Rainforest Green Marble is an exotic stone consisting of dark and light green tones accented with deep brown veining reminiscent of tree branches. It is available in both polished and leather finishes, this unique stone is Ideal choice for vanities, wall cladding, tub surrounds, and so much more.

Wonder Beige Marble

Wonder Beige is a white background with grey, pink and beige streaks marble quarried in India. This stone is especially good for both Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool, and wall capping, and other design projects. It also called Banswara White Marble, Wonder White Marble.

Budget-Friendly Granite

 Strong, Durable, Unique, and Hard. This unique and elegant natural stone is one of the oldest, hardest, and strongest stone in the world. A truly beautiful natural stone with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from.

Granite is the ideal option for homeowners who are searching for an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting countertop for their bathroom and kitchen. There are several granite variations, with each one offering a modern and timeless look.

Granite is one of the most versatile and common rock types used in a variety of applications, including buildings, sculptures, fireplaces, floor tiles, and household countertops. Granite is exceptionally hard and durable, that is why it’s popular countertop material. It is resistant to weathering and scratching, especially knife scratches, and acid erosion from cooking.

Price list Of Budget-Friendly Granite


1 Crystal Yellow Price Rs. 85
2 Desrt Brown Price Rs. 90
3 Ilkal Red Price Rs. 90
4 Light Rosy / Rosy Gloud Price Rs. 60
5 Multi Red Price Rs. 70
6 Rajasthan Black Price Rs. 75
7 Rosy Pink Price Rs. 60


Marble and Granite both have their own unique properties and qualities. In the end, it all depends on the aesthetics and where you are going to use this stone. If you are willing to assign some of your time to the maintenance of tiles for a more beautiful and elegant design then go for marble. However, if you want a natural stone with more durability, scratch-resistant properties, and less wear and tear ability then granite is the best option for you.




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