Good Things To Know Adout Marble

                   Good Things To Know About Marble


Marble has a timeless allure that has been attracting fans for millennia and is currently a very popular trend for use throughout the home. Formed by the crystallization of sediment from years of heat and pressure, marble is a metamorphic stone like marbles and soapstone.


As with all-natural stones, every slab of marble is completely different, just like a fingerprint,  makes it a great choice for homeowners trying to make yours homes good .

While classic white is the most popular type of marble, there are hundreds of varieties in a number of different colors. Italian stones are generally the most well-known, like the bright white Calacatta and the greyer, more affordable Carrara, but marble comes from all over the world, including Danby from Vermont and Yule from Colorado.

One of the challenges of using marble as a countertop is that it is much more porous than other stones. This allows oils and liquids to seep into the stone and possibly stain it. If used in the kitchen, wine and coffee spills should be wiped up as quickly as possible, and if used in the bathroom, makeup and remover can leave stains as well.


 However, if marble is professionally sealed when installed it will be less likely to take a stain. If it is a surface that gets a lot of use, like a kitchen countertop, it should be re-sealed every year or so.


While this will help to protect the marble by making it a little less porous, it is still vulnerable to etching. Because marble is comprised of calcium carbonate, it reacts easily to acids, and liquids like lemon juice or vinegar can eat away at the surface, leaving a dull, white mark.


A lot of marble fans actually like the etchings, and they love to watch their marble weather over time, letting each little scratch and chip tell a story.


 Because marble is a softer stone than granite, it does allow for a lot of stories as knives can scratch the surface, and it is more prone to getting chipped than some other natural stones. Many homeowners try to circumvent this by choosing a honed finish.


Yet with all of the challenges and vulnerabilities, there is nothing quite like the elegance, warmth, and character of marble. Also heat-resistant, it is a wonderful surface for baking, and its versatility makes marble a beautiful choice for any design style in the kitchen, bathroom, office, or fireplace mantle. For owners who know what to expect, marble can be a wonderful investment for any home.


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