Granite manufacturer suppliers and exporter in India Bhandari marble group India

Granite manufacturer suppliers and exporter in India Bhandari marble group India



What is Granite

Granite is one of the world’s strongest natural stone and it has been used in buildings for thousands of years. It is formed by extreme heat and pressure deep underground. It is used in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects. Interior polished granite slabs and tiles are used in countertops, tile floors, stair treads and many other design elements.


Best Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Granite Stone


The Bhandari Marble World is a major supplier and manufacturer of best quality granite all aspects of both natural and artificial stone throughout the globe.

Our Service combines high quality products with competitive pricing, highly sophisticated in house manufacturing capabilities and highly skilled installation teams.

At Bhandari Marble World we have years of experience in the manufacture and installation of Granite.

We have built up a reputation for the high quality of our finishes. This has been achieved by constantly striving to offer the highest level of craftsmanship, value for money and customer service. All of our products are fabricated on site in our factory, using a combination of traditional masonry techniques and state of the art CNC machinery.


Granite Stone Advantages


One of the best features of granite stones is its durability and strength. These stones are also very resistant to erosion and it can be used as floor covering.

Due to its high toughness, this stone can withstand difficult weather conditions. It stone has a very elegant appearance which is why it is being used in building façade and floor covering.

This igneous stone also has a good resistance against impacts and cannot be broken easily.


The Disadvantages of Granite


One of the biggest problems with granite stones is its high price and high cost of installation, which is very high compared to other stones.


Types of Granite


White Granite:

It is composed of quartz and feldspar with small black specks in the grains.


Black Granite:

It is seen mostly in commercial rock but it is not actual Granite. Instead it is gabbro which is comprised of plagioclase, pyroxene and amphibole.



Pink Granite:

Result from high concentration of Granite potassium feldspar and includes quartz wit specks of white.




Bar Tops


We are one of the largest importers of Granite in the India and can offer a competitive quote which would include fitting by our highly experienced team of installers. The installation process utilises a template system ensuring that all Granite Work surfaces, Granite Kitchen Worktops & Granite Countertops will effortlessly fit into your kitchen and matching design. This service is also available to smaller businesses that may require a one off installation in your office, bar, hotel communal or religious building.


Kitchen Tops


Using granite for kitchen tops, shelves, tabletops etc makes it look elegant. Apart from elegance, it has great strength and is durable. It looks stylish and is easy to clean. Granite sinks like the under-mount sink, angular basin, modern or pedestals sink are some different granite basins available.




Granite is a magnificent material, which is durable and glossy. It is also one of the oldest stone, it can be used as a strong flooring material. The granite gives your floors a luxurious touch to home and office. You can install granite in office, home, porch, parking, and swimming pool with different types of finishing over it. Granite is a very good choice for use as a flooring material. It is durable, does not require much maintenance and comes in a variety of colors to suits your requirements.



Granite is one of the most desired stone  for bathroom countertops. Its natural beauty and the fact that it is available in a nearly huge variety of colors. The best benefit of marble or granite tiles for your bathroom is the perfect  trendiness and beauty of these natural stones.