Marble is a gorgeous rock formed by compacted materials inside the Earth. Because of this random, natural occurrence, marble comes in all beautiful sort of colours and textures. No two slabs are similar – and that is part of the information why Marble is so highly sought after.

Marble has always been and continues to be one of the most valuable parts of the house. There is something extraordinary about the material that speaks of class and value, from sleek marble countertops to polished marble flooring.

If you are willing to add some marble to your house but are overwhelmed with a bunch of varieties. This guide might be excellent research, to begin with. Below, we break down the different marble ranges, which you can choose with the Bhandari Marble Group. Learn more about what each colour offers and determine what kind of marble will go best for your unique house project.

Talai White Marble

What Are the Different Ranges of Marble?

Marble is simply one of the most attractive natural stones. This is especially true considering how many different types there are. This raw stone’s natural beauty makes it a versatile choice for any indoor or outdoor remodelling idea.

Marble is cut from specialized mines where different rock slabs are sent to the manufacturing units for further polishing. Since there are so many various marble ranges, it’s essential to divide them in a way that makes the most sense: by colour.

Below are breakdowns of the different types of marble sorted by range and colour.

White Marble:-

Perhaps the most classic of all the marble types, white marble has a special kind of value. It is known for being majestic and pure, although it shows more imperfections since it is white. Sometimes, the flaws are part of what’s sought after to have a unique piece of stone.

Taj Mahal White Marble

Six popular types of white marble can be used inside or outside of the home. Take a look:

  • Albeta Marble

Albeta Marble
  • almond white Marble


Almond White Marble
  • Bliss-white-marble

  • Makrana white marble

Makrana White Marble
  • opal white marble

Opal white marble
  • Carrara  white  marble

Indian White Carrara Marble

Black Marble:-

Black marble makes a statement. It can take one’s breath away when people enter a spacious hall, bathroom, kitchen, or room lined with glistening black marble. There’s a reason the colour black is always associated with luxury and class.

Black marble is usually prevalent in areas where there are huge spaces. It needs a lot of areas to breathe, or else it can overwhelm a place. It makes for a good facade as well.

Look We Love: Black Marble In the Bathroom


Below are the different shades of black marble that you can pick from.

  • Grey Carrara Marble

Grey Carrara Marble


  • Indian black marble


  • Nadi black marble



  • Indian Black Marquino


Indian Black marquino marble


  • Imported Black Marquino

imported black marquino marble


  • Choco Marfi



brown marble:-

Brown is an excellent colour to decorate with due to its versatility. This marble, of course, comes in all shades and colours that brown has to offer. Brown can simultaneously be beautiful and adventurous, giving guests some sort of different experience each time they look at it. It is best installed in areas with a good source of light, or else the brown may look too dark and completely overshadow the room’s design.

Brown Marble

Below are the different shades of brown marble that you can pick from.

  • Fantasy Brown marble

Fantasy Brown marble & granite


  • Ambaji  brown marble

Ambaji Brown Marble


  • Rust Fantasy marble

Rust Fantasy Marble


  • Armani Brown marble


  • Iris Brown marble

Iris Brown Marble

Pink Marble:-

For house owners seeking a more delicate touch, pink marble may be the way to go. It is a cosy, calm, and overall warm colour to add to your living space. And the great thing about pink marble is that it does not overwhelm you with colour. Instead, it offers pale shades of pink and rose that can provide just a little bit of colour diversity to your kitchen or bathroom.

Pink Marble

Below are some of the most popular types of pink marble that you can use to complement the stronger colours in your space.

  • Carrot Pink marble

Carrot pink marble


  • Pink Milano Marble

Pink Milano Onyx Marble
  • Tomato Pink Marble

Tomato Pink Marble


  • Udaipur pink marble



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