KOTA STONE in Kishangarh

KOTA STONE in Kishangarh

Kishangarh is the biggest marble mandi of Asia. Here you can find over 9000 Marble Supplier, manufacturer and exporter. We, Bhandari Marble World are one of them. At Kishangarh you can get any kind of natural stone at best price.



Kota Stone is a naturally available limestone with an elite blend of shades. It is usually found in the Kota District of Rajasthan. Kota Stone is very famous for its beautiful colour. It has a beautiful greenish-blue shades which is complementary with most interiors.  It is available in many colours such as colors brown, black, pink, grey, and beige. Anyway, the brown color is very popular. Kota stone is popular for use in both Exterior and Interior project.



  1. Kota Stone is very hard, non-porous, non-slippery stone.
  2. Easy to maintain.
  3. Reasonable Price.
  4. High durability, strong and long lasting.
  5. Non water absorbent.
  6. Easily available.



Kota Stone is fine rained, siliceous calcium carbonate rock of sedimentary rock. It is very hard, compact, touch and equivalent natural stone. Polished Kota stone is looks very delightful. Kota Stone is available in many colours and easy to maintain.



Kota Stones are available in various types. Here we have listed some famous types of Kota Stone.

Brown Kota Stone:

Brown Kota Stone is a famous limestone that makes an excellent building stone because it can be carved easily. Brown Kota Stone is popular for used in both interior and exterior. As it is produced in small quantity, its availability is low.

Blue Kota Stone:

This stone gained much popularity because of its fine shades of bluish green that adds liveliness to the surrounding. This stone is preferred for flooring. Apart from this it is also used in wall cladding, paving and facades of buildings.



It is most popular for use in natural large area like industries and commercial building. Apart from this it is also used in wall cladding because of its natural and beautiful colour.



Get the habit of polishing your kota Stone every 6-12 months or as often as desired to help retain its full luster. Wipe off any excess polish with a separate clean cloth. Most quality stone polishes are special formulated so as to not leave behind sticky residue.



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