Marble and Granite: What’s the Difference


Marble and Granite: What’s the Difference



Natural stones are considered to be the most splendid option when it comes to decoration home, office and hotels. Out of all the natural stone Marble is one of the great quality natural stone. Marble is one of the oldest and beautiful stone. It is the most famous natural stone that has been used broadly by Architects, sculptures and designers throughout the history of human civilization. Marble is a metamorphic rock which is developed from limestone. Marble can be used for both indoor and outdoor space.





It is mostly use for flooring. Marble has been use for thousands of years. It was firstly use in Roman times. Marble floors adds a cultivated touch to your dreamy homes for its beautiful color and texture.




Its magic is capable of radically transforming your home. If you wish to in luxurious touch to your dreamy home Marble is the great choice. With a mirror effect or aged, stately, cutting-edge or a little more classic. It transforms walls into pure sensuality. This all combines with the elegance and a good taste tat characterized a material capable of creating spacious , almost infinite , unique.



Marble sinks are very, very beautiful, but they’re also very expensive, and they have to be indulge a little. The marble needs to be re-sealed periodically, and it can’t be cleaned with polishing cleaners.




When it comes to talk about kitchen countertops, marble remain the best choice for many homeowners. There is no doubt that marble countertops and backsplaces are so popular. As marble is a heat resistant, which is a great features of it.



Many famous fountains around the world are carved from marble. That is one of the most graceful and luxurious stones around, is a common material used in sculptures and building materials. Marble is a softer stone, so it is easier to carve extravagant fountains form this material. The detail that can be achieved with carved marble fountain is breathtaking.





Granite is a light colored plutonic rock found throughout the continental crust, most regularly used in mountainous area. Granite consists of grains of quartz, potassium feldspar and sodium feldspar. Other commonly minerals available in Granite is mica. These minerals make 80% of the rock.





Granite is one of the most admired countertop materials. Whether kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops or those in other parts of the house, granite countertops are attractive, durable and can add value to your home.



Another popular use for granite is flooring. Between the different flecks and veining patterns that many types of the stone offer, you can have a floor that is incredibly stylish.



Fireplace Surrounds:

 As granite is a heat resistant rock, it is a great material to use for fireplace surrounds. Both beautiful and practical, granite is truly the best choice for a fireplace surround.




The perfect complement to any granite countertop is a granite backsplash. Granite slabs provide breathtaking beauty to the home, so incorporating them as both countertops and backsplashes will truly help to highlight the beauty of the material.



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Marble is metamorphic rock which is developed from limestone. It has a smooth texture typically strained with veins of minerals. It is available in various color, texture and sizes.

Whereas, Granite is an igneous rock, made up of silica, mica, feldspar and quartz, generally with a packed, granular surface. Colors varies from lit to dark, presented in flecks, veins or solid patterns.