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Marble in flooring

Marble has been used to create elegant floors for thousands of years, and its sophisticated good looks continue to make it popular today. With its striking grain patterns and creamy colors, it’s one of the most recognizable — and beautiful — natural building materials.

Clean, elegant, gleaming, durable – four reasons why marble flooring is preferred over the centuries and has stayed in vogue all these years. But, for those of us who admire the perfection of details, floorings aren’t a simple matter of choosing the best stone and then letting the chips fall where they may as the installation process completes. Choosing the right flooring design is a difficult task but knowing your options is always a good idea. We bring you all the common and unique marble flooring designs that homes across the world flaunt, so that informative decisions about floorings can be made.


 Elevation Decoration

There is innumerable interesting and wonderful options in the market for elevation for your house in Marble. If you add one of the options on your house elevation will create a uniqueness and beauty to your exterior. In modern days, usage of marble elevation has created a status-quo for many people which is significantly growing.


 Wall Cladding

Choosing the right external wall cladding is frequently a difficult decision. There are many options available for choices accessible to look over. You need to likewise put together it with respect to different elements like price, durability, maintenance, insulation, cleaning, warranty, simplicity of establishment and many more. The various types of cladding accessible in the market are: tiles, PVC, stone, block, stucco, glass, metal, wood, fiber sheets, etc.


Let us see some considerations that go into choosing the correct external wall cladding:


An external wall cladding must be great at shielding from external weather assaults particularly brutal weather conditions. You need your home structure to be secured against warmth, rain, harsh sun, hail, storm, cold, day off, consumption, earth, saltiness, and others. In short, you need an extremely solid cladding surface that is non-responsive and exceptionally strong.


This is an additional nature of external wall cladding. It can reduce your power bills by causing your home to keep up a moderate temperature despite the outrageous atmosphere winning outside. Layers of protecting foam are embedded before introducing the cladding. This assistance in keeping the home shielded from temperature spikes.



Maintenance is a huge factor in the choice also. Nobody needs a fancy external cladding that requires steady upkeep. It is clearly costly and awkward that way. Likewise sensitive claddings are increasingly inclined to simple harm and substitutions. A sturdier surface is certainly the preferred option.

These are the most significant criteria towards the choice of an external wall cladding. Give them due thought before you focus in on your decision. Likewise, connecting with expert cladding specialists gives you an advantage in settling on the correct decision, also an introduction to an enormous scope of external wall cladding decisions.


Looking for external wall cladding to introduce inside your home? Give the specialists of Vinyl Cladding Professionals a chance to manage you to the ideal cladding structures for your valuable abode.


Landscape, be it softscape or hardscape, should make you feel that you’ve entered a privileged space. A place that is not just set apart, but reverberant. To achieve this, one must put some twist in their landscape, turn its prose into something nearer poetry, i. e., add natural stones to your design. Here are some functional and aesthetical landscaping ideas incorporating stone and marble.


Thoughtful landscape ideas include stone and marble selection according to the theme of the design. Essential landscaping components such as garden pathways or even patios can be designed differently with contrasting palettes of natural stone. One of the chic ways to design walkways and steps is to pair pallid marble with dark pebbles. Create tasteful outdoor living spaces using soft colour marble furniture, and include a few shades darker cladding using Grego Venezia on the wall and flooring.










Tample statues

In the world of marble we have loads of choices but it is also religious when it comes to beautiful Temples and Statues all around the globe. From small house temples to big temples in the town look very beautiful and mind soothing experience when you enter the temple with your bare foot. Even the beautiful statues made by the talented sculptors are placed in temple create an ambience we can’t forget and adds a religious experience of pray and chanting.



today trande, interior design has become more complex than before. New styles are being cultivated that are different, unique, and fresh. Kitchen countertops have evolved into more than just a piece of compressed paper to place food and other items atop; it has become a piece of art and a statement to the home.



Marble table tops have most popular in the hospitality industry – and why not; marble is a beautiful, tactile natural material; it is resistant to heat and, if you choose carefully, can also be reasonably priced. It has a satisfying cold feel, and comes in many types, each with its own distinctive appearance.

Marble table tops are available in a wide range of standard shapes and sizes and are also often available in bespoke sizes and shapes. Almost all marble tops have a depth of 20mm (the standard thickness of cut marble sheets) and there are a number of edge profile options.

As with any natural material, every marble table top will be unique – sometimes there are considerable differences between marbles even from the same quarry.


Stairs not just give you access to move between different levels of your house, it plays an important part in elevating the look of your home. A flight of beautifully designed stairs creates a bold statement to the entire room interiors. And when it comes to adding grandeur to your living space nothing can beat marble. So, here we bring you some marble stair designs that will add a beautiful edge to the elegance to your home.

Handicrafts Mounments and Jali&CNC

Handicrafts During day to day life we see so many crafted things that attract us to buy them for decorate our home in which wooden handicrafts were seen everywhere in the market but now due to lack of wood availability it has changed to natural stone. We have now have a good collection of handcrafted marble decorative items in Rajasthan which is famous for Makrana Marble.

Monuments People love to travel different places of the world and to see the beautiful monuments of their cities. So, we have one like monument which is not just a monument but the Seven Wonders of the World which is made of White Makrana Marble. The monuments are older but still give you the same attraction and experience if you visit the monument. The similar monuments of India made of same material are Jaswant Thada Jodhpur, Victoria Memorial Calcutta and Dukhnivaran Sahib Patiala, etc.

Jali & CNC When it comes to a balcony, an open room partition, beautiful ventilation, people have a different choice altogether where some like the wooden material whilst some go for steel or other material but there are people who still like the retro look which adds a legendary experience. The talented craftsmen change a simple peace of stone into a wonder which enhance the aura of your house.


As we all know Pillars are the strength of any building, homes and if it adds a great look to your home interior & exterior then your search will end in here at the beautiful collection of pillars in Bhandari Marble Group.



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