Into Your Home Décor

                                    Marble Into Your Home Décor



marble Kitchen tops

Kitchen counters are a great place to start with  marble. Even if your best one is granite, it can be replaced by a marble stone, in a rough textured or heard finish. 

 Marble Floor 

‘Less is more, is how a popular saying goes. When it comes to marble, its use even  a small area can elevate the space, taking it from ideas boring to chic.

Textured marble flooring in the foyer or a small medallion inlay in the living room acts as a focal point and creates a beautiful touch.

Not often used in wall decor, marble actually creates a woonder look for any kind of room. It is also easy to work with, and soft which can be applied to different uses. Marble can either be used decoratively for a small area or a single wall, or for the entire room. marble’s versatility makes it a great stone for certain areas of the home.

Marble Ganesha Idols


Because of its unique attractive features and looks, marble makes a great material for religious idols and deities. Its softness and character, make it a great alternative to metal and other materials. It also has a longer shelf life and needs less maintenance.

Although large marble idols like Ganesha are often placed outside the home, small ones too are being increasingly used within pooja rooms as an alternative to gold and brass.

Beautiful Marble Lamps

Marble lamps are a great addition to the home. If it isn’t possible to incorporate marble into other interiors, lampstands are a great option since they tie the space together. Plenty of designs options and customizations are available for traditional as well as contemporary homes.


Kitchen Accessories

Marble stone is  used in carved decor and accessories such as crockery, tableware, pen/pencil stands and even cutting boards. They lend quirky little touches, are sturdier and blend with any decor and colour palette.

 Marble Pooja Temples


Our history is the witness of the beautiful architecture and known for the beautiful marble temples. Choosing a marble material for your pooja mandir is magnificent, especially when it comes to white marble. Pairing it with a vibrant colour like yellow, green or red, will amp up your home interior.

Marble Backsplash 

This marble backsplash gives an elegant and minimalist look to the kitchen. Pair it with different kitchen decor accessories like potted plants which gives a perfect texture to your space.

Place it on the  kitchen Island


 Maintaining and cleaning a marble kitchen countertop is easy as compared to the wooden countertop. Placing the marble on the kitchen island will be ideal for the small spaces and for the people who are looking for an attractive for the dining table in the kitchen. The cabinet shutters are multipurpose for the extra storage in the kitchen.



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