Statuario-Calacatta-Carrara all are different marble is it correct?


Statuario-Calacatta-Carrara all are different marble is it correct?



Marble is the one of the most luxurious stone in the world and although marble is extracted from quarries all over the world, some of the most precious marbles are comes from Italy. Statuario Marble, Carrara Marble and Calacatta Marble are the some famous type of Italian Marble. But  all these three Marble are same or not. There is a slide difference between these three Marble. In this blog you will get an idea which is the perfect Marble for your project?



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When it comes to prestigious Marble that radiates luxury and elegance, you can’t get much better than Staturaio Marble . This marble is comes with pure white background wit grey veins throughout in patterns that are both stinking and bold as well as delicate and feathered ,this makes Statuario Marble more exclusive than other Marble. It can be used in indoor applications such as Kicen Countertops, Bathroom vanities and floor tiles. Statuarto marble comes from Mountain region Carrara  city of Italy. It is one of the precious variety in Italian Marble. Statuario Marble is considered to be the world’s  whitest Marble because of its rich pure white color.



Carrara marble is one of the most common Marble of Italian variety. This comes from Carrara City, Itlay. Carrara Marble is a deeper with much softer veining, it makes for an incredibly unique looking material. It is mainly used for stairs, but apart from this you can also use this marble in kitchen tops, working surface or covering.




Calacatta Marble is one of the most prestigious marble in the world. This marble is used for thousands of years. Calacatta Marble is an imported Marble , comes from Carrara City, Italy.Calacatta Marble is known for being the most expensive Marble in Italian Variety. It come with white base and dark grey veins. It is also known for its brown and golden undertones. It is best showcased in large application .Calacatta Marble can be used in entry area or reception areas. Equally, the bathroom is a perfect place to use Calacatta Marble on areas such as sower walls, bathtub surrounds vanities to create a luxury felling. After install Calacatta Marble in you house you can get a luxurious and a dreamy look.




Calacatta Marble is one of the most expensive marble in Italian Variety. It looks so great that you can use it any surface or any room. But bathroom would be not the better place as previously we said it is one of the most expensive stone. However for sure  after install this Marble in your Bathroom it gives an unique look to your bathroom. It gives an amazing look on any surface or any room.



This Marble is very soft with grey veining.  Carrara Marble is an ideal choice to add an dreamy look throughout the house  . This Marble gives you an unique look throughout the house.




The price of the Statuario Marble depends on its variety of color and slab. Carrara and Statuario Marbles are less expensive because it is readily available .On the other Calacatta Marble is very expensive due its luxurious looks, which offers a whiter surface and more dramatic veining and the price tag goes up. The price of Calacatta Marble is very high due to its rarity and low availability which makes this Marble more precious and superior.



There is really no difference between these stones in terms of porosity. All these three type of Marble will vary from slab to slab. Each piece is unique. These three Marbles are incredibly same. All these three Marbles have similar maintenance. The key difference is going to lie in the color of these marbles , as Statuario is ray, Carrara is ray and calacatta is white. Due to teh rich white color calacatta Marble is much more expensive compared to other Marble.


For more details you can share your conatct details so that our expert team can guide to pick the best quality Marble for your project.