Marble is a metamorphic rock which is developed from limestone. Marble is one of the most luxurious and beautiful natural stone in this planet. Marble is one of the oldest natural stone and first it was used by the Greek and Romans to build their structure due to its beauty and durability. But now it can been seen everywhere from iconic buildings to your bathroom. When it comes to choosing best Marble for commercial and residential then Indian and Italian Marble first comes .But there is a big confusion that what to pick for your dream home. White Italian Marble or any other Marble? If White Italian Marble then what is great about White Italian Marble. Here is a brief explanation for you.



 White Italian Marble is always most preferred natural stone due to its Durability and luxurious look. It is a white stone with a crystalline and sugary appearance, consisting of calcium carbonate. White Italian Marble comes from Northern Italy and exported to all over the world. White Italian Marble will gives an unique look to your commercial and residential projects. It is considered to be the most superior marble due to its purity, durability, and beauty.  White Italian Marble is gives you a high end glossy look to your dream home. It is popular for used in flooring, apart from this it is also used in bathroom walls, Countertops in the kitchen. Italian Marble is very soft and easy to clean. It is available in white, grey, blue grey and rose colors .The polish on White Italian Marble is only on one side of the stone. The cost of White Italian Marble is high compared to any other Marble. White Italian Marble always has high luster compared to other Marble and that is why this Marble has always high demand in Market.

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Here we have listed some famous type of White Italian Marble so from here you can get a conclusion that why White Italian Marble is so great?



There is no doubt that Stauario Marble is one of the beautiful marble in the world due its luxurious looks. It is one of the most expensive Marble in the world. Stauario Marbles comes pure white background with grey veining and that makes this marble an eye catchy look. Stauario Marble is quarried from Italy. It can be used in Commercial as well as in Residential projects. Stauario Marble is one of the most previous variety in Italian Marble. Stauario Marble is considered to be the one of the most  white beautiful Marble in the world. Statuario Marble is popular for used in indoor applications such as Kitchen, Countertops, and Bathroom Vanities. By using Statuario Marble you will get a luxurious touch for dream home. We, Bhandari Marble World provide you the top quality Stauario Marble. Bhandari Marble World is the leading Marble manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in all over the world. Our expert team will guide to pick a great quality Italian Marble for your dream home. Bhandari Marble World also provide home delivery, you will get your perfect Marble for you dream space at your door.


Calacutta Marble comes with rich white and golden. This Marble has been used for thousands of years. Homeowners, Architects and Contractors always preferred this Marble because of its whiteness.  Calacutta Marble is very famous because it is most white Marble than other Marble. Calacutta Marble is mainly used in Bathroom or kitchen countertops. But nowadays you can see Calacutta Marble in everywhere. At Bhandari Marble World you can get an attractive eye catchy Calacutta Marble. As we are the one of the largest Marble exporter, supplier and Manufacturer in India so, here you can get quality Marble at reasonable price as per your need with huge variety of color and textures. It is mainly used in entry way or reception area of high end corporates offices.


Carrara Marble is one the most common type of Marble. It comes with white color with grey color. Carrara Marble is mostly used in building décor and sculptures. But you can also use in Kitchen tops and in working surface area. At Bhandari Marble World offered you best quality marble. Bhandari Marble world is the pioneer company in Marble field. Since we have started in 1631, it is one of oldest and reputed Marble Company. We provide best quality product and best service to our client